CDGA Fantasy Golf presented by Tour Edge: Official Rules

Instructions, Rules and Regulations

  1. To play the CDGA Fantasy Golf Challenge, you must be an active member of the Chicago District Golf Association with access to your My CDGA Caddie account.
  2. To enter, log in to your My CDGA Caddie account and select “Fantasy Golf” from under the Benefits/Contests icon.
  3. Select two (2) players from each of the three (3) pre-determined player pools. Once you have selected six (6) players, you will receive on-screen confirmation your entry has been submitted.
  4. Players available for selection are based upon the field list available at the time event entries open. Once entries open for an event, a player cannot be removed from the field list for any reason (including WDs). It is the responsibility of the participant to ensure selected golfers are competing in the event prior to the entry deadline.
  5. Entries will be accepted and team changes can be made until 12 a.m. the day of the event (i.e. for the Masters Fantasy Golf Challenge event, the entry deadline is 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, April 10).
  6. Any modification to a team roster following the entry deadline, intentional or accidental, will result in the immediate disqualification of the entry.

Event Scoring

  1. Each entry consists of six (6) total players. Competitors will be scored upon their four (4) best scores in each round of the tournament. Should a team not have four (4) or more active players (i.e. only three (3) players make the cut), that team is disqualified from the remainder of the event.
  2. Event scoring will be updated after the completion of each competition, once the round's scoring has become official.
  3. The team with the lowest total score meeting the above requirements will be declared the winner. In the event of a tie, the contestant who selected the highest finishing golfer will be declared the winner. Should multiple teams in a tie have selected the same golfers, teams will be eliminated in this fashion on a golfer-by-golfer basis until the tie is broken. In the event of an ultimate tie (multiple teams with identical rosters), a random draw will be conducted among eligible entries.
  4. Regardless of any broken ties, all teams in a tie will receive equal season points towards the CDGA Fantasy Golf Challenge championship.

Season Standings

  1. In addition to a competition surrounding each of the pre-determined events, there will be a season-long competition in the CDGA Fantasy Golf Challenge. For each event, competitors in the top 70 finishing positions will earn points for their finishing position utilizing a point system similar to the standard PGA Tour FedExCup point distribution. The entry which receives the most points in the season standings will be declared the season champion. In the event of a tie for the season championship, entrants will be judged based upon their best finishes within the challenge for the season.
  2. The 2019 CDGA Fantasy Golf Challenge shall consist of five (5) events, beginning in April with the Masters, followed by the PGA Championship, U.S. Open, The Open Championship and the BMW Championship.


  1. Prizes will be given to a pre-determined number of top entrants, the number of which will be announced prior to each competition. In addition, during some competitions, special participation prizes may be randomly drawn and awarded to any eligible contestant.
  2. Upon the completion of the final event in the CDGA Fantasy Golf Challenge, the contestant with the most points during the season will win the grand prize of a set of Tour Edge Exotics irons, golf bag and a custom TrackMan fitting.


  1. All events of the CDGA Fantasy Golf Challenge will be open to any active CDGA member who enters through his or her My CDGA Caddie account. All members of the CDGA staff, corporate partners of the CDGA and their immediate families, should they meet the above requirements, are eligible to participate in the CDGA Fantasy Golf Challenge, however, these individuals will not be eligible to receive any event or season prizes, nor season-long points.