Club Champion: Club Corner

Chicago District Golfer and Club Champion collaborate to provide readers with "Club Corner," a column and segment dedicated to club technology and fit.

Make the most of your putter by getting properly fitted (Read More)
The proper fitting for a belly putter (Read More)
Putter Fitting: Putting lab uses science and motion to help golfers choose a putter
Putters: Narrow the field when it comes to putter choices
Belly Putters

Forged or cast: What has changed? (Read More)
Irons: The iron fitting process
Irons: 2011 irons, including Callaway, Mizuno and TaylorMade

Work your wedges (Read More)
Wedges: Variables and components of wedges

Drivers and Woods
Lightweight drivers don't always lead to faster ball speed (Read More)
New technology leads to maximum distance (Read More)
Drivers and Woods: New 2012 drivers and woods

Maximize club head technology with the right shaft (Read More)
Control ball flight by selecting the proper shaft (Read More)
Shafts: Club fitting all starts with the proper shaft

Club Fitting
Properly fitted clubs allow for better play (Read More)
Tour state-of-the-art club fitting and building facilities at Club Champion

Club Building
In the groove: New rules are being put into place concerning new club designs (Read More)
Go behinds the scenes to see all that goes into the making of a golf club