Statement Regarding 2017 Senior Player of Year Award

Last week, the CDGA erroneously announced the incorrect Senior Player of the Year winner. This was as a result of a human error in the tabulations and was investigated and corrected when it was reported to us the following day, when Terry Werner was rightfully given the points he earned and announced as the CDGA Senior Player of the Year for 2017.

We sincerely apologize to John Finnin, who was initially declared as Senior Player of the Year. Mr. Finnin had an accomplished season of play within the state and Chicago District, winning the CDGA Senior Amateur Four-Ball and finishing as runner-up at the CDGA Senior Amateur, as well as being in the hunt at the Illinois State Senior Amateur. His successful season is something that should be recognized and honored by the golfing community and we apologize if our error tarnished any of Mr. Finnin's accomplishments this season.

In recent years, the CDGA's Tournament Policy Committee has continually assessed the criteria for both the CDGA and CDGA Senior Player of the Year awards. In 2015, the eligibility requirements for the awards were amended to include golfers who are either an Illinois resident or a CDGA member provided they register and compete in at least one CDGA or Illinois State event during the season.

Dave Ryan, a seven-time CDGA Senior Player of the Year and the 2016 U.S. Senior Amateur champion, had another accomplished season, playing in and amassing points in many national events. Mr. Ryan also was invited to represent the CDGA in an invitational event, the Radix Cup, due to his accomplishments during the 2016 season. However, since Mr. Ryan did not register and compete in a CDGA or Illinois State event in 2017, it was the decision of the Tournament Policy Committee that Mr. Ryan did not meet the eligibility requirements of the award.

Steps will be taken by the Tournament Policy Committee to ensure that the eligibility requirements for the award are further clarified to players. In addition, a full assessment of the procedures for the allocation of points will be conducted in an effort to minimize any human error, such as which occurred in the case of awarding points to Mr. Werner.

We invite concerned parties to share their feedback with the Tournament Policy Committee by emailing