Rules of Golf Reference Material

The following links contain key resource information for the 2019 Rules of Golf. Additional information could be added throughout the season.

  • USGA Publications -
  • Individuals/Golf Facilities/Schools/Universities may order Rules of Golf material - please look for the tabs at the top if you are a Golf Facility or School/University

  • USGA Rules of Golf Resources -
  • contains all USGA Rules of Golf Infographics, Video Content and Rules Clarifications

  • Model Local Rules -
  • a complete list of available Local Rules and the language that must be used. The printed version is only available in the Official Guide to the Rules of Golf.

  • 2019 USGA Hard Card -
  • the 2019 USGA Hard Card for all USGA Championships

  • 2019 CDGA Hard Card -
  • the 2019 CDGA Hard Card for all CDGA Championships

  • Rules of Golf 2019: Important Changes -
  • a one-page CDGA document with the key changes to the Rules of Golf

    If you have any questions, or would like presentation materials such as PowerPoints, please contact Jodi Ciotti, Senior Managing Director, Member Services, at - (630) 685-2323 or Nick Scillia, Director of Rules & Competitions, at - (630) 685-2312.