Phase 4 Golf Guidelines In Effect

First and foremost, we at the CDGA hope that you and yours are safe and healthy during these unprecedented times. Please continue adhering to the steps outlined on the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention's COVID-19 website in an effort to combat the spread of COVID-19.

As of June 26, the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity's updated Phase 4 Golf Guidelines are in effect. CLICK HERE to view the updated guidelines.

The Allied Golf Associations of Illinois wish to express our thanks to the Governor's office and staff, as well as the state representatives and state senators that have supported our efforts to reopen the game while always stressing the safety of everyone as the top priority. We also wish to thank all of our members and club staff who have adhered to the phased reopening over the past several weeks and ask each of you to continue to follow the guidelines. The Allied Associations will continue to work with the Governor's staff on future modifications to the guidelines.

Member Club Resources

In an effort to provide member clubs with up-to-date information and resources, the CDGA has created a landing page where member club staff/administrators will find links to various organizations and governmental agencies that can provide assistance during these trying times. CLICK HERE to access the COVID-19 resources page.

If you have any questions, please contact the CDGA at or 630-685-2303, or reach out to your local municipality.