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  CDGA Net Better Ball of Pairs Championship

Rolling Green Country Club   Arlington Heights, IL (Directions)
Sept. 23, 2019
FORMAT18-hole stroke play partner event with players using Handicaps. This is a NET only competition.

Two competitors play as partners, each playing his or her own ball while using handicap strokes. The lower Net score of the partners is the score for the team on that hole, thus taking the score of the better ball on each hole. It is the player’s responsibility to know the holes at which handicap strokes are to be given or received.

Must have played in one of the previous Net Better Ball events and earned points on the Net Better Ball points list.  
FIELDAll teams who have qualified will be invited to the Championship
PAIRINGSPrior to the event, current indexes, based on the most current revision will be used. If the most current revision happens within two days of the event, the previous revision may be used.

Should the difference between the team members’ Handicap indexes (effective the day pairings are made) exceed 4.4, the extra strokes will be deducted from the higher index.
STARTING TIMESStart time will be determined 10-14 days prior to the event.
PRIZESAppropriate prizes will be awarded to top finishers.
TIESIn the event of a tie for the Championship, under Committee Procedures 5A(6) matching scorecards, the Committee will use the USGA recommendation for breaking ties. The definition of the term “last nine holes” will be holes 10-18.
ADDITIONAL INFO:*Players may use Distance Measuring Devices in all CDGA qualifiers and championships.

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