CDGA Four-Person Scramble Championship

Bowes Creek CC   Elgin, IL
Friday, September 22, 2023

Scoring will be electronic for this event.
Please bring your smartphone and have the My CDGA app already downloaded.

Registration will open at 9 a.m.

Your official scorecard will be completed electronically. Bring your smartphone and have the My CDGA app ready to use. Do not open the electronic scoring platform until instructed (specific details provided at your starting tee).

Read through the Social Competitions / Key Information prior to the event. It is the player's responsibility to be familiar with the information provided in this link and comply with all policies set by the CDGA.

Four-Person Team ``Step Aside/Florida`` Scramble. On each hole, all members of the team may hit a tee shot from their designated tee. The team then selects one of the tee shots and marks the spot from which to play. The player whose shot is selected WILL NOT play the next shot (Step Aside). On each stroke (except for the tee shot, which all four golfers play) one team member is always stepping aside. This procedure is repeated until the ball is holed.
Must have qualified at one of the six qualifiers throughout the season.
32 Teams (3 Flights)
The CDGA does not require the host qualifying site to provide a practice round for contestants. The decision as to whether a practice round will be available is at the discretion of the host site. If a practice round is available, each contestant is responsible to contact the host site and pay for any practice round(s) they wish to play.

You may visit to book a time or you can use the CDGA Member Offer listed in the Member Offer section of My CDGA Caddie. Players will be responsible for all fees associated with any practice round played
Golf Carts are provided to each team courtesy of the CDGA.
Players may bring their own caddies, carry their own bags or use a host club caddie (if available).
Are permitted. Players are encouraged to bring their own.
Open at 9 a.m., courtesy of the CDGA
Model Local Rule G-7 is in effect for this event
Shotgun start beginning at 10 a.m. Click on the links above to view hole assignments.
Lunch: Jersey Mike’s Subs will be provided to all players before the round.
Stay & Play trips to French Lick Resort will be awarded at the Championship to the top two gross and net teams in each flight.
Will Cawthon - CDGA Social Competitions Staff
For purposes of the Net Team Competition, a team’s total index will be used to establish a team course handicap based on the recommended USGA handicap formula specific for scramble play. An individual player’s index is based off the most recent USGA Handicap Index effective seven days prior to the event. A team’s course handicap is based on the total of all four players’ indexes and a team course handicap is assigned based on the USGA recommended Scramble Team Handicap.

o 25% A Player (Lowest Handicap)
o 20% B Player (2nd Lowest Handicap)
o 15% C Player (3rd Lowest Handicap)
o 10% D Player (4th Lowest Handicap)

The team total will be calculated to a .01. If there is a tie for the Net qualifying spot, the tie will be broken using the .01 calculation.
1250 Bowes Creek Blvd, Elgin, IL  60124.
The phone number for the golf shop is (847) 214-5880.
The club website is

All yardages have been selected prior to course set-up
and are subject to change for the day of the qualifier or championship.

Bowes Creek Country Club (Scramble - Men)
Course Information - By Hole

HoleYardsPar  HoleYardsPar
1 360 4   10 490 5
2 397 4   11 360 4
3 182 3   12 292 4
4 364 4   13 349 4
5 197 3   14 155 3
6 478 5   15 369 4
7 387 4   16 167 3
8 523 5   17 348 4
9 356 4   18 381 4
Out 3244 36   IN 2911 35
  TOTAL 6155 71

Bowes Creek Country Club (Scramble - Women)
Course Information - By Hole

HoleYardsPar  HoleYardsPar
1 305 4   10 445 5
2 310 4   11 250 4
3 154 3   12 272 4
4 305 4   13 294 4
5 179 3   14 130 3
6 456 5   15 343 4
7 354 4   16 157 3
8 491 5   17 281 4
9 307 4   18 349 4
Out 2861 36   IN 2521 35
  TOTAL 5382 71