General Peer Review

 Bill Crane
 Chicago District Golf Association
 USGA Handicap Index   9.2   (LHI -)
as of 2021-09-30 

Scoring Record

9/21 80A69.2/1249.8    
9/21 85A71.2/13511.6    
8/21 85H71.4/12812.0    
8/21 90C71.4/12816.4    
8/21 84H71.4/12811.1    
7/21 79A70.7/1267.4    
7/21 80A69.6/1209.8    
6/21 83A70.1/13111.1    
6/21 82A69.8/12211.3    
5/21 81A70.2/1249.8    
5/21 87C71.4/12813.8    
4/21 84A70.7/13011.6    
4/21 84A70.6/13311.4    
Score Types  (H - Home, A - Away, C - Competition, P - Penalty, N - Combined 9H, E - Exceptional) 
Playing Conditions Calculation (PCC) is applied in the calculation of a score differential if the course or weather conditions on a day of play significantly impacted players’ performances.
Exceptional Score Reduction (ESR) is applied when a score differential is at least 7.0 strokes better then the players Handicap Index at the time the round was recorded, resulting in a -1 for each of the most recent 20 score differentials.  If the score is 10.0 strokes better, a -2 ESR is applied to the most recent 20 score differentials.
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