CDGA Scramble Championship

  CDGA Scramble Championship

Location: Bowes Creek Country Club
Elgin, IL (Directions)
Dates:Sept. 13 2019 @ 11:00 a.m. shotgun 
Entries Open:6/19/2019 thru 8/30/2019
Entry Fee:$300.00
Tee Times: Not Available
Results: View Results

Four Person Team “Step Aside/Florida” Scramble or – On each hole, all members of the team may hit a tee shot from their designated tee. The team then selects one of the tee shots and marks the spot from which to play. The player whose shot is selected WILL NOT play the next shot (Step Aside). On each stroke (except for the tee shot, which all four golfers play) one team member is always stepping aside. This procedure is repeated until the ball is holed.
Must have qualified at one of the six qualifiers throughout the season
 Starting Times 
The Championship will be an 11:00 a.m. shotgun
Stay & Play trips to French Lick Resort in French Lick Ind., will be awarded at the Championship on Sept.18 to the top-two gross and top-two net teams in each flight. The Championship will have 3 flights.

Prizes will also be awarded throughout the year at both Qualifiers and the Championship from the CDGA, Jersey Mike’s, Tour Edge and Zero Friction.

In the event of a tie for the Championship or qualifying place, under Committee Procedures 5A(6) matching scorecards, the Committee will use the USGA recommendation for breaking ties. The definition of the term “last nine holes” will be holes 10-18.
Must be 21 years of age to participate.
 Additional Info 
For purposes of the Net Team Competition, a team’s total index will be used to establish a team course handicap based on the recommended USGA handicap formula specific for scramble play. An individual player’s index is based off the USGA Handicap Index effective seven days prior to the event. A team’s course handicap is based on the total of all four players’ indexes and a team course handicap is assigned based on the USGA recommended Scramble Team Handicap.
o 25% A Player (Lowest Handicap)
o 20% B Player (2nd Lowest Handicap)
o 15% C Player (3rd Lowest Handicap)
o 10% D Player (4th Lowest Handicap)

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