CDGA Tournament History

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 2019 CDGA Amateur Tournaments Archives
CDGA Amateur Championship
  May 28 CDGA Amateur Qualifying (Cress Creek)
  June 3 CDGA Amateur Qualifying (Innsbrook)
  June 5 CDGA Amateur Qualifying (Pontiac Elks)
  June 10 CDGA Amateur Qualifying (Glen Flora)
  June 24-27 100th CDGA Amateur Championship (Glen View Club)
CDGA Better Ball of Pairs Series
  May 28 CDGA Net Better Ball of Pairs #1 (Kemper Lakes)
  June 24 CDGA Net Better Ball of Pairs #2 (St. Charles)
  July 22 CDGA Net Better Ball of Pairs #3 (Ridge)
CDGA Four-Ball Championship
  July 1 CDGA Amateur Four-Ball Qualifying (Heritage Bluffs)
  July 10 CDGA Amateur Four-Ball Qualifying (Blackstone)
  July 29-31 4th CDGA Amateur Four-Ball Championship (Oak Park)
CDGA Mid-Amateur Championship
  May 6 CDGA Mid-Amateur Qualifying (Kankakee Elks)
  May 8 CDGA Mid-Amateur Qualifying (Fox Bend)
  May 9 CDGA Mid-Amateur Qualifying (Maple Meadows)
  May 20-22 5th CDGA Mid-Amateur Championship (Northmoor)
CDGA Scramble Qualifier
  June 7 CDGA Scramble Qualifier #1 (Den at Fox Creek)
  June 13 CDGA Scramble Qualifier #2 (Glenview Park)
  June 20 CDGA Scramble Qualifier #3 (Sunset Valley)
  July 11 CDGA Scramble Qualifier #4 (Bartlett Hills)
  July 13 CDGA Scramble Qualifier #5 (Palatine Hills)
  July 20 CDGA Scramble Qualifier #6 (Village Links)
  July 26 CDGA Scramble Qualifier #7 (Fox Bend)
  August 9 CDGA Scramble Qualifier #9 (White Deer Run)
CDGA Senior Amateur Championship
  April 24 CDGA Senior Amateur Qualifying (North Course) (Silver Lake)
  May 6 CDGA Senior Amateur Qualifying (Makray Memorial)
  May 13-16 18th CDGA Senior Amateur Championship (Briar Ridge)

 2019 Honorary Teams Archives
Radix Cup Matches
  July 25  58th Radix Cup Matches (Oak Park)

 2019 Illinois State Tournaments Archives
Illinois State Amateur Championship
  June 10 Illinois State Amateur Qualifying (Tamarack)
  June 11 Illinois State Amateur Qualifying (Port Course) (Harborside Intl)
  June 12 Illinois State Amateur Qualifying (PrairieView)
  June 13 Illinois State Amateur Qualifying (Arrowhead)
  June 17 Illinois State Amateur Qualifying (Grove)
  June 18 Illinois State Amateur Qualifying (The Hawk)
  June 19 Illinois State Amateur Qualifying (Hickory Point)
  June 19 Illinois State Amateur Qualifying (Sanctuary)
  July 16-18 89th Illinois State Amateur (Cantigny Golf)
Illinois State Mid-Amateur Championship
  July 24 Illinois State Mid-Amateur Qualifying (Ironhorse)
  Aug. 5 Illinois State Mid-Amateur Qualifying (Village Greens)
  Aug. 6 Illinois State Mid-Amateur Qualifying (Balmoral Woods)
Illinois State Senior Amateur Championship
  Aug. 8 Illinois State Senior Amateur Qualifying (Bridges of Poplar)
  Aug. 15 Illinois State Senior Amateur Qualifying (Glenwoodie)

 2019 USGA Tournaments Archives
U.S. Amateur Qualifying
  July 9 U.S. Amateur Qualifying (Ironwood)
  July 11 U.S. Amateur Qualifying (Mistwood)
  July 23 U.S. Amateur Qualifying (White Deer Run)
U.S. Girls’ Junior Amateur Qualifying
  June 26 U.S. Girls’ Junior Amateur Qualifying (Lake Barrington)
U.S. Junior Amateur Qualifying
  June 20 U.S. Junior Amateur Qualifying (Urbana)
U.S. Mid-Amateur Qualifying
  Aug. 12 U.S. Mid-Amateur Qualifying (Heritage Bluffs)
  Aug. 14 U.S. Mid-Amateur Qualifying (Village Links)
U.S. Open Local Qualifying
  May 1 U.S. Open Local Qualifying (Cog Hill)
  May 13 U.S. Open Local Qualifying (Barrington Hills)
  May 13 U.S. Open Local Qualifying (Illini)
U.S. Senior Open Qualifying
  May 29 U.S. Senior Open Qualifying (Inverness)
U.S. Senior Women’s Amateur Qualifier
  July 31 U.S. Senior Women’s Amateur Qualifying (Glenview Park)
U.S. Senior Women’s Open Qualifier
  April 30 U.S. Senior Women’s Open Qualifying (Medinah)
U.S. Women’s Amateur Qualifying
  July 9 U.S. Women’s Amateur Qualifying (Preserve at Oak Meadows)
U.S. Women’s Mid-Amateur Qualifier
  Aug. 7 U.S. Women’s Mid-Amateur Qualifying (Onwentsia Club)
U.S. Women’s Open Qualifying
  May 6 U.S. Women’s Open Qualifying (Elgin)
USGA Senior Amateur Qualifying
  July 25 U.S. Senior Amateur Qualifying (McHenry)