Gold Membership Overview

Since 2009, the Chicago District Golf Association (CDGA) has offered an upgraded membership level to all members. The CDGA Gold Membership not only provides golfers with all the benefits of CDGA Basic Membership, but also include the following benefits:

  • All benefits associated with CDGA basic membership (Handicap Index, subscription to Chicago District Golfer magazine, etc.) Click here for full CDGA basic membership benefits.
  • 1,000 CDGA Gold Points.*
  • Automatic entry into CDGA Gold Membership drawings in 2018 for prizes from CDGA partners and member clubs.
  • Gold Points for all rounds played at CDGA member clubs during 2018 CDGA season.
  • Gold Points for participation in CDGA events and CDGA-sponsored golf outings.
  • Ability to redeem points, at certain levels, for merchandise from the CDGA Golf Shop.
  • And more special offers and perks throughout the season!

Gold Members will receive CDGA Gold Points based upon the following:

9 holes played and posted at any CDGA club25 points
18 holes played and posted at any CDGA club50 points
$1 spent on CDGA merchandise or events
(e.g. $100 event is 100 points)
1 point

Currently, the only method for Gold Point redemption is:

  • CDGA Golf Shop - Gold Members will be able to use their points to purchase CDGA merchandise.

Other redemption methods will be announced at a later date.

Gold points are valid for the calendar year they were earned plus three additional calendar years provided a member continues enrolling in the Gold Membership program annually (i.e. points earned in 2015 will expire on Jan. 1, 2019). A member must be an active Gold Member to redeem any points. The annual date for expiration of unredeemed points shall be January 1.

Upgrading to Gold Membership from Basic Membership is only $19.95**. The benefits received far outweigh the membership fee, so click here to start receiving the benefits!

*Available exclusively to members who upgrade their membership through

**CDGA Basic Membership is required for Gold Membership. Fees vary based upon home course.