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Championship Policies and Key Information

If you plan to participate in any Championship(s) or the corresponding qualifiers conducted by the Chicago District Golf Association, it is important that you read the following information. It is your responsibility to know the rules and regulations concerning participation in CDGA events.

This page was last updated on April 5, 2023, and could be updated or modified throughout the championship season.

Championship Eligibility
The CDGA conducts a comprehensive championship schedule for members of the Association and Illinois residents. Please refer to the website for a detailed description of each tournament, including eligibility requirements.
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Rule 25 - Modifications for Players with Disabilities.- All players are required to meet the eligibility requirements for each Championship. Players wishing to utilize Rule 25 must provide the CDGA with the following 14 days prior to the qualifier or championship.

Alcohol, Marijuana and Controlled Substance Policy
During the round or any delay should a player or caddie consume, be under the influence of, or have in his/her possession any alcohol, marijuana or controlled substance, the player will be disqualified from that tournament. In the event the Committee determines serious misconduct has occurred, the player and/or caddie will also be suspended from all CDGA events for a minimum of 12 months. The player may appeal any such suspension to the CDGA Championship Policy Committee.

All players, caddies and spectators must be properly attired both on the golf course and on the premises of the club. Jeans of any color, t-shirts and tank tops are prohibited. Golf shirts must be worn and shorts must be mid-thigh length. No cut-off or jean shorts are allowed. This dress code is in effect at all CDGA events and all USGA qualifying rounds in conjunction with any additional dress code restrictions of the site hosting the tournament.

Awards ceremonies will be conducted at the Championships. It is encouraged that all players who win a trophy or gift certificate stay to accept their prize.

Caddies are allowed at all CDGA Championships and Qualifiers.

Code of Conduct
Contestants and their caddies are reminded that, at all times, appropriate golf etiquette and dress is required. Any abuse or disrespect of fellow players, officials, host, spectators, employees, or other persons conducting or attending CDGA sponsored or conducted events can be grounds for immediate removal from the event and denial of entry for future events. Such abuse or disrespect may be verbal, physical or threat thereof, and includes but is not limited to the use of vulgar or obscene language, as well as physical damage to property or equipment of any of the persons set forth above or the hosting facility. Contestants may be subject to penalty for breach of the CDGA Code of Conduct Policy as permitted by local rule adoption 5I allowed in Rule 1.2 (b). A Code of Conduct breach is determined at the discretion of the committee.

Model Penalty Structure:

Communication Devices
Electronic communication devices carried during a stipulated round by either a player or caddie should be powered off or kept in silent mode. Use of these devices should be limited to emergencies or specifically permitted golf purposes, such as scoring, checking leaderboards or requesting a ruling. Devices are NOT to be used for voice, text, or audio communications. Players will be subject to penalty if their usage of such a device distracts other players.

Conditions of Tournament Entry
The CDGA reserves the right to decline any entry. All entries submitted to the CDGA must be completed in full and include the entry fee for the event. In order to be officially entered into an event(s), the entry and the fees must be received by the CDGA no later than 5 p.m. on the day the entries close. The CDGA reserves the right to expand the field size at a qualifier to accommodate an excess of entries.

Spikes having single or multiple points designed to penetrate deeply into the surface of the ground (regardless of whether made of metal, ceramic, plastic or other materials) are strictly prohibited. Model Local Rule G-7 is in effect.

Handicap ADA Cart Requests

No Shows
The CDGA reserves the right to decline any entry based on a player’s previous year’s attendance in an event. Players who fail to appear for their assigned starting time without notifying the CDGA will be considered a no show. No shows also include any player who fails to turn in a scorecard or who withdraws during play without notifying an official and personally surrendering his/her scorecard to that official.

Should a player who qualifies for a championship not inform the CDGA that he or she wishes to withdraw from the championship, the player may be suspended from playing in further tournaments. A letter of warning or suspension will be issued after the player no shows for a championship.

In the event a player is close to the lead or in contention for a qualifying spot that requires a playoff, the player should remain at the course and close to the scoring area for announcements. It is the player's responsibility to be present when the playoff is announced.

Practice Rounds
The CDGA does not require the host qualifying site to provide a practice round for contestants in either CDGA/State championships or qualifiers. The decision as to whether a practice round will be available is at the discretion of the host site. If a practice round is available, each contestant is responsible to contact the host site and pay for any practice round(s) they wish to play.

Push Carts
Push Carts are allowed at all CDGA Championships and Qualifiers, unless otherwise stated in the tee time information.

Spectators are allowed at all CDGA events.

Riding Carts

Start Time Requests
The CDGA will not honor any start time requests for any CDGA tournament or USGA qualifying round.

Tournament Procedures/Information

Withdrawal/Refund Policy
Individuals who have entered a CDGA event and wish to withdraw for any reason MUST notify the CDGA via email at WDs submitted at least one week prior to the qualifier will receive a full refund, minus a $25 administrative fee, provided a written notification is submitted to the CDGA office. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN FOR WITHDRAWALS LESS THAN 7 DAYS PRIOR TO THE EVENT.


Alternate Policy for a Championship without Qualifiers

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