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2023 CDGA Aces Club presented by PGA TOUR Superstore

Congratulations to the below CDGA members who have tallied a hole in one during the 2023 golf season!

If you have recorded an ace in 2023 that you would like to submit, click here and log in to your My CDGA Caddie, click the "Benefits/Contests" icon and then click "Aces Club." Only aces that meet the criteria outlined below will be eligible for the official CDGA Aces Club, which includes a $20 PGA Tour Superstore gift card (to the first 200 valid submissions), an Aces Club certificate and listing on and Chicago District Golfer magazine:

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Thomas Kahle9/19/2023The Oaks at River’s Edge5 WoodSrixon8185
Chris Wagstrom9/18/2023Stonehenge8 ironTitleist ProV117125
Greg Cornwell9/8/2023Blackberry OaksPing i230 7 IronSrixon4160
Paul Kula9/6/2023Wolf Creek Golf ClubUS Kids DriverSrixon Marathon 415120
Alvin Nathan8/31/2023Lacoma Golf Club 8 ironCalloway Chrome Soft1130
Susan Smith8/31/2023Coyote RunPitching WedgeWilson 1360
Bill Hahn8/29/2023Wilmette Golf Club6 ironkirkland16162
William Paetow8/29/2023Idlewild Country Club7 ironTitliest AVX16148
Carol Crane8/27/2023Hawk Country Club9 ironTitleist ProV1x3104
Kyle Sneed8/26/2023Cantigny - Lakeside8 iron Malbon 4172
Karen Daulton Lange8/23/2023The Preserve at Oak MeadowsCobra 4 HybridSrixon 3122
John Carlson8/19/2023Uof I OrangePitching WedgeTitleist2105
Barry Cruse8/15/2023Prairie Landing Golf ClubTaylorMade RSi1 7-IronBridgestone e6 Soft6158
Matthew Brady8/13/2023Ridge County Club6 IronTaylorMade TP5x11165
Ryan Mckay8/12/2023Wilmette Golf Club9-IronTitleist ProV17156
Dave Batusic8/10/2023Innsbrook C.C.6 ironCallaway16157
John Keener8/9/2023Wyaton Hills9 IronTaylor Made7105
Bob Bean8/8/2023Arrowhead (East Course)Pitching WedgeTitleist Pro V18128
Jeff Vidlak8/7/2023Prairie Landing Golf Club4 WoodSrixon12214
Brian Bradford8/5/2023Deerfield Golf Club4 IronKirkland 8179
Ron Caras8/5/2023Briarwood Country Club Pitching WedgeTitleist AVX 11105
Michael Daugherty8/5/2023Biltmore Country Club8 IronTitleist ProV112156
Daniel McGuire III8/5/2023Robert A. Black GC Pitching WedgeTitleist Pro V18109
Chris Matlock8/4/2023LeRoy Country Club9 ironProV15120
Patrick O’Leary8/3/2023Country Club of Peoria7 IronProV1x9153
Ken Diemer8/2/2023Ravisloe3 HybridMaxfli11175
Judith Englund8/2/2023Sandy Hollow Golf Course5 HybridTaylorMade Distance8106
Mike Farmer8/2/2023Maple Meadows Golf Club5 IronCallaway Chrome Soft X9175
Bill Lemieux8/2/2023Wilmette Golf Club9 IronCallaway Super Soft12121
Robert Phelps8/2/2023Morris Country Club8 IronSrixon Divide16143
Mark Stajdohar8/2/2023Hughes Creek Golf Course9 IronSrixon Soft Feel3123
Michael Abram8/1/2023Randall Oaks Golf Club8 IronTaylor Made2135
Nick Bretwisch8/1/2023Aurora Country Club5 IronTitleist ProV117191
Joseph Lucas7/31/2023The Oaks at Rivers Edge6 IronTop Flite4164
David Dalton7/30/2023Valley View ClubDriverTitleist Pro V1x14179
Alan Walz7/29/2023Mistwood Golf Club5 IronCallaway Supersoft14168
Lolly Dominski7/28/2023Foxford Hills Golf ClubPitching WedgeTaylormade TP51790
Craig Funkhouser7/28/2023Seven Bridges Golf Club5 IronTitleist Pro V16168
Eric Barton7/27/2023Mammoth Dunes @ Sand Valley7 IronTaylor Made16138
Pete Fernandez7/26/2023Ridgemoor Country Club7 IronCallaway Chrom Soft18148
Bill Walsh7/26/2023Klein Creek Golf Club4 HybridVice8177
Tom Perkowski7/25/2023Bloomingdale Golf Club4 IronPro V16164
Bobby Weil7/24/2023Harbor Shores Golf Club9 IronTitleist ProV111132
Tom Mcgurn7/22/2023Sunset Ridge Country Club7 IronVice Pro Plus15167
Adam Cantu7/21/2023Willow Crest Golf Club8 iron AVX6161
Tina Kohn7/21/2023Lakeside country club6 IronCallaway1154
Mark Wondolkowski7/21/2023Redtail Golf Course7 IronWilson Chaos12144
Kelly Kubatzke7/20/2023Prairie View Golf Club8 IronCallaway ChromeSoft13143
Richard McCarthy7/20/2023Traditions at Chevy Chase7 IronCalloway Chrome Soft+13156
Eduardo Reyna7/17/2023Deerfield Golf Club5 ironBridgestone Tour B XS3196
Mike Ryan7/17/2023Village Links of Glen EllynPitching WedgeCallaway8111
Rebecca Erickson7/16/2023Timber Pointe7 ironTi Tech1479
Fred Goebel7/16/2023Deer Creek 9 IronKirkland 13127
Debbie Rugg7/16/2023Lost Dunes7 WoodTitleist ProV113125
Jenifer Smith7/16/2023Bloomingdale Golf Club7 IronTaylor Made Kalea13112
Dave Eichorst7/15/2023Fossil Trace5 iron Srixon Z Star 14171
Kyle Hanson7/14/2023Ivanhoe Club8 IronTitleist ProV115174
Mike Herbert7/14/2023Springbrook Golf CoursePitching WedgeTitleist ProV17101
Jim Teska7/13/2023Wild Rock GC 9 IronTitleist Tour Soft9127
Charlie Gneiser7/10/2023The Club at Strawberry Creek7 IronTitleist ProV1x15207
Jim Fisher7/9/2023Old Wayne GC7 IronSrixon17157
Jim Fisher7/9/2023Old Wayne7 ironSrixon Z star Divide17157
Richard Flynn7/9/2023Woodlawn Golf Club9Srixon ZStar XV4128
Scott Wagner 7/9/2023Prairie Bluff Golf Course7 IronTitleist ProV1x3169
Grant Reese7/8/2023Kemper Lakes Golf ClubPitching WedgeVice Pro Plus6141
Gordy White7/8/2023Timber PointeDriverTitleist Tour Speed16181
Gordy White7/8/2023Timber PointeDriverTitleist Tour Speed16181
Gordy White7/8/2023Timber PointeDriverTitleist Tour Speed16181
Dave Yadron7/8/2023Arrowhead Golf ClubPWVice Pro15128
Sam Stein7/7/2023Foxford Hills Golf Club9 IronTitleist ProV18140
Gary Younker7/7/2023Lincoln Oaks Golf Club7 IronTitleist ProV111144
Scott Hennin7/6/2023Klein Creek 7 IronBridgestone 14156
Thomas McKillip7/6/2023Village Links of Glen Ellyn8 Iron Srixon 8117
Billy Gneiser7/5/2023Bull Valley Country ClubPitching WedgeTitleist ProV18140
James Boffa7/4/2023Highlands of Elgin 6 Iron Pro V115137
Andy Parker7/4/2023Arrowhead Country Club7 IronVice13173
Ethan Samson7/4/2023The Glen Club 5 IronTaylorMade TP5x9188
Martin Morrissey7/3/2023Big Run7 iron Taylor Made TP54137
Terry Reilly7/3/2023Shepherd?s Crook Golf Course6 ironPro V1x8160
Anthony Spillie7/3/2023Inwood Sand WedgePro V1786
Marty Trokey7/3/2023Crystal Tree G & CC8 ironTaylormade TP5x10156
Jim Zuccarelli7/3/2023Glenview Park Golf Club5 ironTop Flite XL9145
Chuck Hoelscher7/2/2023Cardinal Golf Course7 IronCallaway Supersoft3118
Bill Christenson7/1/2023Cog Hill #2 Ravines9 IronBridgestone E124149
John Nemec7/1/2023Chicago Highlands CC5 IronTitliest Pro V1X13187
Robert Schultz7/1/2023Lakeview Country Club 7 ironSrixon3168
Garold Allen6/30/2023Silver Lake - South CoursePitching Wedge Srixon Z-Star3119
James Ellward6/30/2023Lake Carroll Golf Course7 ironVice Pro16158
Don Fabian6/30/2023Kishwaukee Country Club7 ironTitleist ProV116138
Patrick Norton6/30/2023Shepherd’s CrookDriverTitleist ProV1x12350
Jay Baum6/29/2023Links at Carillon WedgeTitelist Pro V1394
Rick Deany6/28/2023Oak Springs Golf CoursePitching WedgeTitleist Pro V114108
Jon Emerson6/28/2023Arrowhead Golf Club - South8 IronVice4135
Michael Grein6/28/2023Oakbrook Golf Club 7 WoodSrixon Q-Star Tour14155
Mike Boettcher6/27/2023Lake Bluff Golf Club9 IronTitleist Pro V1x4145
Debbi Doyle6/27/2023Village Links of Glen Ellyn7 IronCallaway Supersoft894
Chris Myers6/27/2023Shepherds Crook Golf CourseWedgeTitleist ProV1x16128
Kathy Colsen6/26/2023Glenview Park Golf ClubDriverCallaway9140
Kathy Colsen6/26/2023Glenview Park Golf CourseDriver Callaway9140
Lou Kopinski6/26/2023Black Sheep Golf ClubGap WedgePro V1x16129
Ralph Ensign6/24/2023Hawthorn Woods Country Club7 IronTitleist Pro V19162
Ralph Ensign6/24/2023Hawthorn Woods Country Club 7 IronTitleist ProV19162
Dana Epperson6/24/2023Rockford Country Club8 IronTitleist Pro V16141
John DeGuide6/22/2023Forest Hills Country Club8 IronCallaway Chrome Soft16125
David Jacobson6/22/2023Traditions at Chevy Chase7 ironTitleist AVX13156
Gary Ivice6/21/2023Traditions at Chevy ChaseAttack WedgeTitleist Pro V16104
Dennis Rabideau6/20/2023Phillips Park Golf Course5 IronTitleist AVX12158
Dennis Rabideau6/20/2023Phillips Park GC5 IronTitleist AVX12158
Charlotte Sparrow6/19/2023Chevy Chase Country Club8 IronTitleist Pro V1688
Albert Dal Porto6/18/2023Stonehenge Golf Club6 IronTitleist AVX8167
Robert Stein6/18/2023Foxford Hills Golf Club9 IronCallaway Warbird13127
Neil Johnston6/17/2023The Glen Club7 IronVice Pro Plus9185
Keith Schultz6/16/2023Lakeside Country Club9 IronSrixon10154
John Proczko6/14/2023Grand Geneva - The HighlandsGap WedgeTitleist Pro V1x17135
John Proczko6/14/2023Grand Geneva - The HighlandsWedgeTitleist ProV1x17127
Jack Corum6/13/2023Charleston Country ClubGap WedgePinnacle8125
James Rose6/12/2023The Glen Club7 IronTaylor Made Tour Response 4160
Tim Smith6/12/2023Itasca County Club9 IronTitleist ProV117118
Michael Costas6/11/2023Glenwoodie Golf Club6 IronCallaway 14213
Mike Vivoda6/11/2023Arrowhead Golf Club - West8 IronTitleist Pro V1x7145
Eric Kim6/10/2023Golf Club of Illinois6 IronMaxfli Tour X6192
Barry Levin6/10/2023Glencoe Golf ClubSand Wedge Titleist 12125
George Trauten6/10/2023The Arboretum Club7 IronCallaway Supersoft17137
Stephen Duffy6/9/2023Glen Oak Country ClubRescueTitleist Pro V116163
Jeremy Schwab6/9/2023Glen Flora Country Club7 IronProV12160
Daniel Needham6/8/2023Evanston Golf Club6 IronBridgestone Tour17203
Bill Rosenberg6/8/2023Highlands of Elgin8 IronCallaway 4130
Elizabeth Thompson6/8/2023Heritage Oaks Golf Club9 IronCallaway8110
Jack Reuter6/7/2023Prairie Landing Golf Club8 IronTitleist Pro V114138
Brent Shad6/7/2023Cantigny-Lakeside7 IronCallaway Chrome Soft4169
Jerry Szott6/7/2023Ivanhoe Club8 IronPrecept6142
Cathy Schnable6/6/2023Fox Bend Golf Course7 IronVolvik1595
Cathy Schnable6/6/2023Fox Bend Golf Course7 IronVolvik1595
Dana Anderson6/5/2023Cardinal Golf Course7 IronCallaway 13150
Joe Cooper6/4/2023Shepherd`s Crook Golf CoursePitching WedgeTitleist Pro V116138
Jack Teausant6/4/2023Deer Park Golf ClubPitching WedgeTitleist Tour Soft17165
Brian Wohlfeil6/4/2023Sanctuary Golf Course7 IronTitleist6148
Carol Excell6/2/2023Long Beach Country Club5 HybridTitleist Pro V110126
Dick Noffke6/1/2023Glenview Park Golf Club 3 WoodKirkland Signature10202
David Vileta6/1/2023Tamarack Golf Club9 IronTaylorMade17145
Dan Burns5/31/2023Oak Hills Country Club8 IronCallaway Chrome Soft X7140
Tom Jecklin5/31/2023El Paso Golf Club8 Iron Srixon Q-Star3142
Amy Peterson5/30/2023Stonewall Orchard Golf Club5 HybridCallaway Supersoft13142
Gregory Flinn5/28/2023La Grange Country Club9 ironPro V19133
Cecil Groetken5/28/2023Lakeside Country Club3 WoodCallaway16182
Garold Allen5/27/2023Silver Lake Country Club - North8 IronSrixon Z-Star12140
Garold Allen5/27/2023Silver Lake Country Club - North8 IronSrixon Z-Star12140
Meghan Curran5/27/2023Highland Woods Golf Course7 IronCallaway13115
Paul Ray5/27/2023Kankakee Elks Country Club6 IronTaylorMade TP57169
Paul Ray5/27/2023Kankakee Elks Country Club6 IronTaylor Made7169
Matt Gertsmeier5/26/2023Makray Memorial Golf Club3 Wood TaylorMade17220
Steve Kmiec5/25/2023Cog Hill - Dubsdread5 ironTaylor Made TP512180
Jim Helm5/24/2023Lincoln Elks Golf Club8 IronTitleist Pro V1x13136
Rick Wagner5/24/2023Bartlett Hills Golf Club7 IronCallaway Chrome Soft5128
Kim Dickerson5/23/2023The Grove Country Club7 ironTitleist AVX8125
Christine Rasmussen5/23/2023Royal Fox Country Club5 HybridTaylorMade11121
Jim Coduti5/22/2023Arlington LakesRescueTitleist ProV117183
Stephen Duffy5/22/2023Mt Prospect Golf Club6 IronTitleist Pro V17135
Marie Bush5/21/2023Mt. Prospect Golf Club8 IronCallaway Supersoft7102
Shane Cano5/21/2023Aurora Country Club9 Iron Titleist Velocity6141
Oskar Hansen5/21/2023Atkins Golf Club5 WoodCallaway Chrome Soft3330
Sam Jenio5/21/2023Sunset Valley Golf Club9 IronSrixon Z-Star6149
Ron Toops5/21/2023Timber Pointe Golf Club3 IronTaylorMade TP55154
David Chiappetti5/20/2023Silver Lake Country Club - North8 IronTitleist Pro V112138
Ramesh Kanapareddy5/20/2023Prairie Isle Golf Club8 IronKirkland17130
Eric Wrigley5/20/2023Pekin Country ClubGap WedgeTaylorMade TP54129
Brian Petersen5/18/2023Tall Oaks Country Club8 IronTitleist AVX5151
Paul Tagliaferri5/17/2023Bliss Creek Golf Course9 Iron Callaway Supersoft11123
Lester Andel5/16/2023Deerfield Golf Club Utility WoodMizuno RB Tour 13145
Connie Kowal5/16/2023The Preserve at Oak Meadows6 IronCallaway Supersoft3151
Dave Stumpf5/16/2023Crestwicke Country ClubGap WedgeCallaway Supersoft7106
Bart Tschumper5/16/2023Timber Pointe Golf Club9 HybridMaxfli14101
Mark Peskor5/13/2023Silver Lake Country Club - South7 IronTaylorMade Distance13165
Robert Weber5/12/2023Long Beach Country Club6 IronTitleist Pro V110181
Bill Rosenberg5/11/2023The Highlands of Elgin Golf Course7 IronCallaway 4130
Donald Dorsch5/10/2023GlenwoodiePitching WedgeCallaway Chrome Soft X12119
Gail Truelsen5/10/2023Glenview Prairie Club9 IronCallaway Chrome Soft4102
David Czerkies5/8/2023Mistwood Golf Club6 IronTitleist Pro V1x7167
Joe Giacchino5/8/2023Kankakee Elks Country Club6 IronCallaway7163
Joe Giacchino5/8/2023Kankakee Elks6 IronCallaway Chrome Soft7163
Jeff Smith5/7/2023Blackstone Golf Club5 WoodTitleist Pro V1x8176
Philip Crittenden5/6/2023Sunset Valley Golf Club 6 IronCallaway ERC Soft11135
Marc Frame5/5/2023Woodstock Country Club7 IronCallaway Chrome Soft8130
Linda Rosenbloom5/5/2023Northmoor Country Club - Red7 WoodCallaway Supersoft4134
Cynthia Levy5/4/2023Long Beach Country Club Pitching WedgeTitleist Pro V1597
Bryce Sturm5/4/2023Geneva National Resort & Club - PalmerLob WedgeTitleist3106
Ed Herbold5/3/2023The Links at Carillon7 IronKirkland6173
Michael Jordan5/3/2023Cardinal Creek Golf Course - North8 IronVice Pro Plus7121
Bedford Lydon4/30/2023Sydney R. Marovitz Golf Course7 IronTitleist Pro V16148
Christopher Macchitelli4/28/2023Village Links of Glen Ellyn8 IronTitleist Pro V18155
Gary Rung4/28/2023Blackstone Golf ClubDriverBridgestone5225
Andrew Hornbeck4/26/2023Raven Golf Club8 IronPro v1 8160
Dan Pesavento4/23/2023Lockport Golf Club7 IronTitleist3150
Chuck DiVenti4/22/2023Cardinal Creek Golf Course - South9 IronTitleist Pro V17129
Bryan Lembke4/21/2023The Preserve at Oak Meadows6 IronSrixon Q-Star17165
Kyle Bennett4/20/2023Mount Prospect Golf CourseGap WedgeTitleist Pro V11098
Thomas Benandi4/19/2023Glenview Park Golf Club3 WoodTitleist DT TruSoft9205
Mike Stanton4/19/2023Randall Oaks Golf Club7 IronCallaway Chrome Soft X LS2151
Timothy Pike4/18/2023Pine Meadow Golf Club6 IronVice12158
Ron Gray4/15/2023Stonehenge Golf Club7 IronTitleist TruFeel17137
Michael Payne4/15/2023Old Oak Country Club8 IronCallaway Chrome Soft6158
Michael Rodriguez4/15/2023Glenview Park Golf ClubPitching WedgeSnell MTB17118
Jacqueline Stout4/14/2023Village Links of Glen Ellyn5 HybridTitleist Pro V1x17128
Barbara Nolan4/13/2023Buffalo Grove Golf Club7 IronWilson8127
Deb Olmsted4/12/2023Old Oak Country Club3 HybridPinnacle12136
John Reidy4/10/2023Bridges of Poplar Creek Country Club7 WoodCallaway11145
Tammy Benitez4/9/2023Woodstock County Club 8 IronTaylor Made2110
Michael Lavalle4/8/2023Bartlett Hills Golf Club9 IronTaylorMade Tour Response5131
Ollie Lisauskas4/5/2023Oak Brook Golf Club 3 WoodCallaway ERC Soft2185
Casey Wakkuri4/2/2023Orchard Valley Golf Course4 Iron Titleist AVX12168

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